All the more reason this season the lanterns are a really unmissable home accessory because they immediately give a sense of cozyness and protection.
So at least in my miniature house I would like to stock up on lanterns and built a couple of them.

I must say that I really like working on the same object creating more variations. It helps me in some way to stay focused. It’s amazing how from the same material you can get infinite variety of objects even of the same type.
Yesterday I finished the pair of wooden lanterns and today I have dedicated myself to making a lot of candles. While I was there I made a few more for the fireplace that I like so much now all dressed up.

Everything is as always made of paper and cardboard and I must absolutely remember to show you how I made the candles, a cheap and quite fast way and maybe it could come in handy to decorate the doll house for Christmas.

As far as the construction of my little house is concerned, as you can see I didn’t go on much, in fact I didn’t go on at all.
The floor lies desolate waiting for me to finish it and in general everything is still a bit bare.
I hope you like the result as much as I do.
I send you a hug.

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