Many of you will certainly not have noticed my “absence from the scenes”, but for those of you who have missed me a little bit, here is the reason for my break from Etsy.
As much as I love Etsy and appreciate what it does for small artisans, lately I’ve started to feel a little overwhelmed.
For those who actually produce their pieces by hand and therefore have a limited amount of items, Etsy tends to impose tight rhythms and conditions that are difficult to sustain.
In addition, the marketplace has grown and even in the world of miniatures has come a little fair competition in my opinion.
Many stores simply resell industrially produced pieces and have over a thousand items to choose from, numbers unattainable for those who produce piece by piece.
Other stores are based in Thailand, for example. Here too, thousands of items at ridiculous prices and made in who knows what working conditions.

So, in a manner of speaking, I took advantage of this particular period that we are going through to take a little break from everything in order to reflect a little bit on my life and on this miniature world that I am so passionate about.
I believe that in the end even creativity needs to recharge itself and the best way to do this is not to put it on sale for some time.

And in fact in this period I was able to dedicate myself to something that was different from the flowers and plants I was used to. For example, I enlarged the scenery that I use as a background for the photos of my products. Before I had only a tiny entrance hall, while now I also have an empty area ready to become a kitchen, a living room and maybe even a bedroom. Not having much space available to accommodate a whole doll house, I had to necessarily opt for something more compact and neutral that could always work. I made it with just a couple of cardboard boxes, treated with paper and white glue. Simple, light but sturdy and above all inexpensive. As you may have noticed I have not yet found the courage to start paving the new block, but the walls are whitewashed and the French door is already installed, ready to open on a garden that I will surely add one day.
I have also created a whole series of small furniture and accessories that I would also like to turn into kits. Last but not least I’m trying to learn how to record some short videos, where I would like to show you some behind the scenes and especially some step by step of my miniatures. I have nothing to teach but it’s nice to share my passion with other miniature addicts.

As you may have understood the level of creativity has again risen to optimal levels and there are so many things cooking (or boiling in the pot, as we say in Italy) now it’s just a matter of organizing these ideas and publish them on this site of mine, which I hope you like, although it still needs a few more touches.

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